First Prototype

So, I got this ball rolling again. 

I feel like crap, and feel like I'm dying of the plague, but that doesn't stop my enthusiasm I have for this stuff. 

I love zombies. Why not get some experience making a zombie game? I've got some tutorials set up, and I think this is gonna be pretty fun to make. I have always been a fan of FPS games (Wolfenstein 3D was the first game I ever played when I was 3.). So why not create an entry in a genre that has been so influential to me?

Be on the look out. I should have a working version with the guns and such up in a bit. Here are the general milestones I will be releasing updates for. 

V0.2 : First Person Character w/ Guns

V0.3 : Basic Zombies

V0.4 : Groups of Zombies

V0.5 : Waves and Scoring

V1 : Full working game.

Anything after that will be icing on the cake. 

In the word of Lil Pump,  


Mall 53 MB
Oct 01, 2017

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